Positive Affirmation Meditation By Michelle Schwarzmann

This meditation builds on the recent blog post, “Creating Your Own Positive Affirmations.” Once you create your own, try the meditation below. If you don’t have one, google “affirmations for _________ ” (your desired area of focus) or, check out this link: http://www.everydayaffirmations.org/p/affirmative-words.html# and then try the meditation below. Positive Affirmation Meditation Steps for a...
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Bumblebee Breathing By Michelle Schwarzmann

This breathing exercise reduces anxiety, calms overstimulation and helps inspire creative ideas…perfect for the holiday season! How can breathing do that? Try it to find out. Get in a comfortable, seated position. Take a couple of cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Close your eyes. Using your thumbs, close your...
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Lion’s Pose By Michelle Schwarzmann

School can cause stress and anxiety in some students to the point that everyone around the student can feel it. For an instant stress release, try Lion’s Pose. Do it as a family facing each other, and have a good laugh as well. You can do this pose sitting on your calves (knees and legs...
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