Both students and parents love IET's wholistic philosophy to educational therapy. We take a very personalized and customized approach to each individual student and his/her family and creates a program tailored specifically to the child's academic, emotional and nutritional needs.

“Michelle, you are worth your weight in gold. You have helped our family tremendously.”

-T.T. (parent)

“I wish we had found you sooner, we tried everything, more study time, tutoring…when we found there was a strategy for Dylan’s learning style, it made all the difference.”

-R.S. (parent)

“Having you in my life made a tremendous impact. I have grown as a person and a writer… Overall, you have taught me so many genius strategies to get me to understand my work. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to helping me achieve many of my goals. Thank you so much.”

-K.F. (9th grade student)