Belly Breathing by Julie Shullo

Try belly breathing… Close your eyes and imagine your stomach as a balloon. You can put your hands on your stomach if you’d like. Take a slow, deep breath in for 3 counts and envision the balloon expanding (push-out your stomach) as your lungs fill with air. Hold for 3 counts.   4. Slowly release...
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Homework: Ways to Structure Your Homework Time by Julie Shullo

Homework can be a major stress for children and teens (and you)! Help your child/teen develop strong habits for completing homework with these 4 tips: 1. Schedule a consistent time for homework to be completed.  Afternoons can become busy with sports and other extracurricular activities.  However, set clear expectations with your child/teen that homework is...
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Meditation-Matched Breathing By Michelle Schwarzmann

  Meditation-Matched Breathing Begin any meditation by getting comfortable and grounding/rooting yourself by either planting your feet on the floor (if sitting in a chair) or sitting on a cushion with your legs in a cross-legged position. It’s not really about how you are sitting. The goal is to keep your back straight. If you...
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