Lion’s Pose By Michelle Schwarzmann

School can cause stress and anxiety in some students to the point that everyone around the student can feel it. For an instant stress release, try Lion’s Pose. Do it as a family facing each other, and have a good laugh as well.

You can do this pose sitting on your calves (knees and legs together)or sitting cross legged. If you have any knee issues, get in a seated position that is comfortable for your knees. You can even sit in a chair.

Once seated, take a deep inhale and clench every muscle in your body, from the muscles in your face all the way down your body and into your toes. When you exhale, release all of the clenching, stick out your tongue and bug out your eyes.

Repeat a few times.

Lion’s Pose improves blood flow to the brain and can assist with stress, anxiety, and mild depression.

Give it a try!

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