Thank You for Painting!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to show us your inner Picassos. 🙂 Even though we are winding down on our painting event, we are happy to send home kits for those of you who can’t come by this week or prefer a more private environment. If you know you will be...
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Love Languages By Michelle Schwarzmann

Love Languages Since we are in February, the month of love, we decided to talk about love languages, something to identify in yourself and your children/teens. Knowing love languages can assist you in communicating the love you feel in a way your children, teen, spouse, and friends, prefer to receive it. It can also assist...
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Time Management and Procrastination

Time Management and Procrastination by Julie Shullo When children are young, parents are actively involved in scheduling their child’s after school routines. Homework is part of that routine and often closely monitored by parents. However, as children get older and move to middle and high school, parent expectations and involvement change. Older children and teens...
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