How to Craft a Positive Affirmation

Did you know? Positive statements, or affirmations, are shown to help boost feelings of positivity. They can also be used to help improve your overall mindset and make you more successful in your day life.

So what exactly is a positive affirmation? 

A positive affirmation is a type of thinking tool. Simply craft a statement with a positive spin on it and repeat it throughout the day. 

If students get into the habit of starting each morning with an affirmation, or positive thought, they may find they are less likely to focus on the negative thoughts that may come up throughout the day. 

By focusing on affirmations that correspond to their future, for example, “I can achieve greatness”, they are starting their morning with a positive intention that could potentially help pave the way for opportunities in the future, such as a better test result, or new professional-growth opportunities.

Positive affirmations typically start with this “sentence stem”:

I am…

I can…

I will…

I am willing to…

I choose to…


I view challenges as opportunities for growth

I can do whatever I focus my mind on 

All my problems have solutions 

I can do this

It is okay to ask others for help

I want to learn as much as I can today 

Bonus tip: Create posters of your favorite, or most important, affirmation and hang it in your room or workspace.


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