Hand Breathing by Julie Shullo

Feeling anxious or struggling to focus in class? Try a quick brain break by doing hand breathing.  It will calm your mind, so you can refocus on your work. 1. Place either your left or right hand palm side down on a desk or other flat surface with your fingers spread out. 2. With the...
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Questions to Ask During Teacher Conferences by Julie Shullo

Teacher conferences are an important time to connect with your student’s teacher(s) and learn more about how he/she is doing both academically and socially. How is my student excelling? What are his/her strengths both academically and socially? It’s easy to go into parent conferences wanting to know any areas where your student might need extra...
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Tree Pose By Michelle Schwarzmann

“That looks pretty easy.” “You’re standing on one foot, right?” “How hard can that be?” Those are the comments I hear when I show a student how to get into the tree pose until they try it. This pose is especially good for balance and focus. Now let’s get into it… -Stand with your feet...
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