Breath as an Anchor by Julie Shullo

Do you feel like your mind is so full of chatter that you can’t focus on your tasks? Perhaps your student has the same issue with an assignment? Try this breathing exercise to anchor your mind to your body so you can focus on the present moment.       Breath as an Anchor Close...
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New Offering: Integrative Study Lounge

NEW OFFERING: Integrative Study Lounge (ISL) Debut’s: Monday, March 13th! The ISL is designed to teach students to be more efficient during the homework process  like figuring out what they have to complete, time manage, prioritize, and then get it done with the supervision of a tutor. This unique program integrates self-awareness (how students feel...
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Thank You for Painting!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to show us your inner Picassos. 🙂 Even though we are winding down on our painting event, we are happy to send home kits for those of you who can’t come by this week or prefer a more private environment. If you know you will be...
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