New Offering: Integrative Study Lounge

NEW OFFERING: Integrative Study Lounge (ISL)

Debut’s: Monday, March 13th!

The ISL is designed to teach students to be more efficient during the homework process  like figuring out what they have to complete, time manage, prioritize, and then get it done with the supervision of a tutor. This unique program integrates self-awareness (how students feel physically, intellectually and emotionally) in addition to teaching students how to get into their optimal learning range.

THE GOAL is to teach students how to be productive and efficient in getting their work done so they can follow the same model at home or continue to do it with us … for families who prefer not to argue about homework every night. 🙂

Healthy snacks are also included! We have an amazing, local almond butter company sampling on our launch date, March 13th! Bella Terra Foods uses variety wild soil, almonds and superfoods….that’s it. No chemicals or crazy additives!

There is limited seating (only 4 students per hour) every Monday, beginning March 13th, between 3:15 and 6pm. You decide the time (1 hour minimum)!


Please contact me ( if you would like more info or to enroll in the ISL launch date on March 13th.


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