Bella Terra Foods Almond Butter By Michelle Schwarzmann

We have been doing tastings in the office for this amazing new almond butter. Bella Terra Foods sampled 4 different flavors, all of which were equally enjoyed. We currently have Camu & Vanilla as an added tasting bonus, and some have said, “This is the best one yet!” We also have a 4th grade student who used her own money to buy 2 jars of the Four Spice blend since she loves it so much.

I love the clean, homemade feel and taste. Bella Terra doesn’t use anything other than variety soil almonds and superfoods. That’s it. No chemicals, dyes, preservatives or any other added ingredients. It’s fat and protein content, along with the superfoods, make it an ideal snack or addition to a smoothie.

If you are interested in purchasing some yummy Bella Terra Foods Almond Butter, put your order in at IET or contact Bella Terra Foods at Each jar is $12.

FYI: IET does not make any money or benefit from Bella Terra Foods, other than being the lucky sampling guinea pigs.:) This plug is purely from the heart…and tastebuds.


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