Using Self-Reflection as a Tool to Achieve Goals…

School years are coming to an end. Self reflect while everything is still fresh. What worked? What didn’t? Most students want to move on and enjoy summer. By the time the next term comes around, memories lapse and old habits kick in. In order to use metacognition, or the fancy term for thinking about thinking, reflecting is a key component for change.

As you reflect, write it down so you can look back or type it up, whatever works for you. Let’s get started. Go get your pen, markers, paper, computer, whatever you need to make this happen. We’ll wait.

What worked?

Asked another way, what went well? If you got grades you wanted, what did you do to achieve them? Were there any lifestyle things you implemented even if only on occasion that you found helpful in those moments? Note them. For example, one of my students reflected that when he went running, it cleared his head. This worked well when he needed to get working especially with his ADHD. He tended to only run when he had time, which didn’t always coincide with his busy school schedule. This tool to get clear and focused worked for him. It doesn’t matter if you only did it a few times or did it regularly. If it worked in achieving the goals you wanted, it counts. Note it. Also, and this is super important, note what it did to work. Running was the action, and clearing his head was what worked for him.

What didn’t work? Or maybe wasn’t ideal but you got away with it?
Did you wait until the last minute and compromise sleep, and memory or stamina as a result, which impacted your test or paper? Did you turn in assignments late, losing out on “easy” points? This isn’t a reason to have bashing session against yourself, just a reflection on the growth you can choose to take on next term, or not. It’s totally your choice. Note what comes up.

What would you like to keep from the what worked section? What would you like to improve upon from the what didn’t work section? You can even improve upon something in the what worked section if you aren’t implementing it regularly. The student who realized how much running cleared his head may want to start running for 20 minutes before sitting down to do his school work.

Now choose one or two items you wrote to improve upon next term.

I will __(task/skill I want to implement)_____, __(how frequently), because doing so __(what it does for you)__.
I will __(task/skill I want to implement)_____, __(how frequently), because doing so __(what it does for you)__.

Put it on your calendar, one you will look at, one week before school starts and see how thinking about thinking gets you to your goals.

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