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How to Tackle Test Anxiety

Having anxiety when it comes to taking a test can be a normal feeling from time to time. In fact, test anxiety is so common that results from a 2010 study showed that 10-40 percent of students are suffering from it, and it can produce a 12% decline in scores....
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The Power of Gratitude & How to Put it into Practice

With a ton of new recent research available on the benefits of living a grateful lifestyle, we thought it would be helpful to put a quick list together on the most effective ways of putting it into practice. By honing in on the things you are grateful for, it’s likely...
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Tips and Tricks for Starting 2019 Right

2019 is here! Let’s make it the best, most productive year ever. We encourage all of our students to check out this list and get excited about the different methods available that are sure to help make your new year a success. Gratitude Lists Each morning when you wake up,...
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IET Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for middle and high school students can be difficult since it can be difficult to know what’s still “in” or not, and shopping for college students can be equally as impossible, especially because sometimes they aren’t living at home anymore. IET is here to help! We’ve asked our students,...
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