Tips and Tricks for Improving Memory

Did you know? Memory is actually a muscle you can learn to work out. Similar to someone going to the gym, there are actually tips and tricks that can help you exercise your mind. By helping your brain improve the way it remembers information, you are giving yourself the opportunity to increase test scores and be more successful in your daily life.

Write it Down!

Psychologists have found that writing things down can actually boost memory. Researchers from UCLA found that students who write notes by hand retain more information and have a better understanding of study material compared to students who take notes on their laptops.

Mind Maps

A mind map is similar to a flow chart. This method is great for almost everyone because it blends visual style learning as well as written style learning.

How to Draw a Mind Map:

Begin in the middle of a blank piece of paper and start writing or drawing the idea you intend to develop. Landscape orientation is recommended.

Then start to develop the related subtopics around this central topic, connecting each of them to the center with a line.

Finally, repeat step two in the same process for the subtopics, generating multiple subtopics as you see fit, connecting each of those to the corresponding subtopic.

Mind maps can be used for memory, note taking, jogging creativity, planning and so much more.

Repeat Information

This is a standard part of our society’s memorization repertoire. All through school most of us use different methods of repetition to study and cram information. These are commonly flash cards or reading the same notes over and over, and it is incredibly effective for auditory learners.

For example, when you are introduced to someone for the first time, researchers recommend repeating the person’s name in your head a few times (all learners). The same method can be used for remembering phone numbers. It’s an easy method for boosting your memory, and we love that it can be used in daily life, not just in a classroom.


Sleep is so important for brain power. Researchers suggest that even skipping on a few hours of sleep can make a huge difference in performance. Things like memory, creativity and problem-solving may all be compromised.

A few of our favorite tips for getting quality sleep include: Avoiding all screens and blue light at least an hour before bed, have a standard sleep and rise schedule and utilize calming essential oils like lavender.

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed these tips for boosting memory. We hope you try adding a few of these tips to your daily routine to help boost brain power and keep your memory in peak condition.

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