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How to Help Your Kids Set and Stick With New Year’s Goals

The year is coming to a close, and New Year’s resolutions are again at the forefront of our minds. Resolutions are great for teaching kids how to set and work towards goals. Even as adults we struggle to keep resolutions, so it’s especially important to help kids create meaningful and achievable goals throughout the year....
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Why Giving is Beneficial for Your Physical & Mental Health

Christmas and the holiday season is upon us! It’s the ultimate season of giving. Did you know all that giving not only makes the receiver happy but is also a boon for your own physical, mental, and emotional health? It’s just another reason to indulge in the holiday spirit. When we give of our time...
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3 Simple Mindfulness Techniques that Improve Test Taking

As summer quickly fades to fall, the realization for students sets in that there’s no going back to easy breezy days. Instead, they’re struck with overpacked schedules consisting of homework-filled evenings, sports practices, student government meetings, and more. The pressure to achieve and succeed has never been higher, and with this pressure can come anxiety-fueled...
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