Happy Halloween


I asked parents and friends what they do/did with their children or teens to minimize candy consumption on Halloween. Most of the answers included some sort of bribery. Whatever works. šŸ™‚


Why is this a good idea?

Eliminate the fight for “just one more piece of candy.”

Maintain blood sugar, preventing sugar highs and crashes

Prevent childhood obesity, cavities and future sugar relatedĀ illnesses

Teach moderation versus excess consumption

Diminish sugar cravings versus feeding a sugar addition


See if any of the following “strategies” will work for you and your family:

*Allow your childĀ 3 pieces of candy. Then the Halloween Witch will come and give themĀ a present or money for all of the rest. Make sure the Halloween Witch follows through. šŸ™‚

*Offer $$$ per pound of candy or one lump sum for the whole bag.

*Give your child the option to donateĀ or trade candy.Ā The more they are part of the decision making process, the better, especially for the tween/teen age group.

It turns out Warner Pediatric Dental in Encinitas will make your life easy by giving your child $1 per pound of candy (up to 5 pounds) AND donate the candy to the troops! They will have prizes, face painting and let your kids make cards to send with the candy as well.

Perfect timing too! November 1 from 2pm-6pm.


Most important…Have fun with it! Happy Halloween!

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