The Power of Gratitude & How to Put it into Practice

With a ton of new recent research available on the benefits of living a grateful lifestyle, we thought it would be helpful to put a quick list together on the most effective ways of putting it into practice. By honing in on the things you are grateful for, it’s likely you will see a positive change in your daily life. It’s a very simple and almost effortless habit that has been shown to lift mood, boost motivation, and even handle darker, or tough times, with a new perspective and sense of grace.

1. Gratitude Journal or List

Each morning when you wake up, write down 3 things you’re grateful for. This can be things such as your health, your family, your environment, things you appreciate about yourself – or in those around you, etc. Try not to think of this as a chore, rather a reminder to check in with yourself and be more aware of the amazing gifts life has given you.

If you find yourself struggling initially, that’s ok! Here are a few prompts to help guide you:

I am grateful for these 3 people in my life…

I am grateful for these 3 teachers…

I am grateful that I am good at  __________

I am grateful that my mom ________

I am grateful that I can see ______

I am grateful for this opportunity…

I am grateful that I was able to do ___________

Mantra: I clearly see all there is to be grateful for in life. I acknowledge the blessings I have received in my life with gratitude.

2. Stop Gossiping

Gossip. We have all done it at some point or another, and it is a toxic habit. Start to pay attention to your conversations and be more mindful of the words you choose to use on a daily basis. Try to control your words and thoughts and aim to only be positive, uplifting, honest and kind.

“Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

3. Live in the Moment/Be Mindful 

“Mindfulness is simply being in the moment and being aware of what is happening in the now. It’s the art of being able to check in with your mind and body to manage stress levels, direct focus and deal with emotions”

Sometimes, life may seem like a busy and chaotic place with a heavy school schedule, chores, homework, etc. It may seem impossible to slow things down. However, if you can master mindfulness, it will help you be less stressed and promote a sense of gratitude. Next time you make your bed, try to silence your mind and just think about the task at hand. Try to not let your mind wander, just be present.

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“Be still, be present, be mindful.”


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