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Prepping for Online Finals

Finals are looming and online learning is shifting how finals are not only being administered, but the content. Teachers and professors are testing application rather than rote knowledge since you can’t look up application as easily. Others are going to essay formats. Here are a few tips to get through...
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Effectiveness of Blue Light Glasses

Eye strain? Headaches? Staying up and not sleeping long enough? Most of our students are online for a significant amount of their day with school, homework, and hobbies like video gaming and social networking requiring an increased amount of screen time. I’m feeling the impact of eye strain going 100%...
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Stress Management Techniques for Students

Most students will experience stress at one point or another throughout their education. In fact, the American Psychological Association reported that teens experience stress equally as much as adults. What’s also worth noting about the study is that even though teens are just as stressed as adults, they actually are...
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Vision Boards: Stay On Track and Manifest Your Goals

Vision boards are a great way to analyze what your goals are for the upcoming year, and manifest whatever those goals are into a reality. By spending some quality time deciding what is actually important to you, and understanding what you are most interested in achieving, you can get organized...
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Tips for Prioritizing Tasks When Everything Feels Important

We understand how hectic school can be sometimes, especially when you have a ton of assignments due around the same time for different classes. By adopting a system of prioritization you can alleviate stress and anxiety. Here are a few IET approved tips for how to effectively prioritize.    CREATE...
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