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Ingredients Those With Learning Differences Should Avoid

At IET, we recognize the importance of a good diet and understand the negative impacts choosing the “wrong” foods can have on a student with learning differences. While the “right” foods can boost cognitive functions, memory and behavior, poor food choices can make everything worse. Here are a few ingredients...
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Tips for Staying Productive This Summer

As you may already know, many colleges consider interests and activities outside of the classroom when it comes to admissions. If you don’t already have plans this summer, it may be beneficial to focus on productive activities that may look attractive to schools you plan on applying to in the...
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Tips and Tricks for Improving Memory

Did you know? Memory is actually a muscle you can learn to work out. Similar to someone going to the gym, there are actually tips and tricks that can help you exercise your mind. By helping your brain improve the way it remembers information, you are giving yourself the opportunity...
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Spring Time: YA Reading Recommendations

          I Love You So Mochi Sarah Kuhn Available: May 2019 This book is an inspiring story of someone pursuing their dreams, even though it may cause controversy. A young girl travels to Japan to chase her love for the fashion industry and gets the opportunity...
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Spring Cleaning: Student Edition

Re-energize, refuel and use springtime to the fullest by decluttering your desk and environment. A clean workspace is a great way to set yourself up for success so you can be super productive. Step One: Declutter Your Desk Take everything off of your desk and dust/clean it thoroughly. Make sure...
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