2 “Gets” to Get Back into the School Groove

Happy new school year! After a fun-filled summer it’s often difficult to get back into the school groove, however with these two simple tips you’ll be able to drive right in.

1. Get Sleep

We keep hearing how sleep is so important, yeah, yeah, we get it, but did you know that sleep is connected to blood sugar? If your blood sugar is off from a lack of sleep, it makes it more difficult to control sugar cravings.

You may struggle if your blood sugar is not stable from the start, so make your first focus getting back/starting a sleep routine. One tip is to turn off all of your devices at least 1 hour before getting to bed. This includes television. The artificial blue lights that come from these devices decreases melatonin, which is a healing and nourishing hormone that also helps with sleep.

Let’s keep our melatonin and blood sugar balanced by turning off our brain and devices so we can sleep well!

2. Get Organized

Once you have all of your supplies accounted for, now what? Where will papers that need completion go (homework sheets, syllabi, papers that need signing)?

Figure out a system now that you can tweak to make work for you. Check in each week to re-evaluate your system and determine if it needs tweaking. If it’s week 1, and you already have paper clutter, it’s time for a system. For those of you who haven’t started, get organized now. Give those papers a home to go to.

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