Tips for Staying Productive This Summer

As you may already know, many colleges consider interests and activities outside of the classroom when it comes to admissions. If you don’t already have plans this summer, it may be beneficial to focus on productive activities that may look attractive to schools you plan on applying to in the future. Here are a few ideas:



This is something that will not only look attractive on college applications but can also be personally fulfilling. Research different charities in your area and find one that best suits your philanthropic interests. Once you find a few that align with what you are looking for, get in touch with them via phone or email to see if they need any help for the summer.

Take College Level Courses

If you have already established a subject of interest for your major, it may be a good idea to look into courses at your city college. Many schools also offer online courses if you are not able to commute to a campus. 

Summer Job

Depending on your age, you may want to look into getting a summer job or internship. Because the job market is so competitive right now, it’s a good idea to start gaining some experience in the field you hope to work in once you graduate It’s also a great opportunity to network and meet like-minded people who are successful in industries you have a passion for. For those who have no idea what they want to do “when they grow up,” take the opportunity to try out different areas/jobs to discover where your passions lie. 


Again, depending on your age, this is also a good option. Many admissions officials feel that traveling is a good indicator of maturity and also signals that you are connected with your global community. 

Set Goals

There is a certain confidence that occurs when you truly know what you want and what you are passionate about. Take some time to set goals and create a step by step plan to get you there. This may also be a good time to seek a mentor or private college counselor to help set you in the right direction. 

The more efficient you are this summer, the more confident and prepared you will feel for fall. Whether that be a volunteer opportunity or summer course, find something that you are passionate about and work hard to accomplish your future goals. If you have no clue, that’s okay too. Take this time to learn and discover.

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