Integrative Study Lounge (ISL)

Integrative Study Lounge (ISL)

A class for your student to THRIVE! Say goodbye to distractions and procrastination.

Why An Integrative Approach?

The ISL is designed to teach students to be more efficient during the homework process, such as figuring out what they have to complete, time manage, prioritize, and then get it done under the instruction of our ISL Specialists, Michelle Schwarzmann and/or Daisy Shkolnik. This unique program integrates self-awareness (how students feel physically, intellectually and emotionally) in addition to teaching students how to get into their optimal learning range, giving them access to learning and gaining productivity.

Our “Power Sessions” allow for less procrastination and distractions. We incorporate breaks which allow the brain to assimilate the information, fuel up the brain, and get ready for the next power stint. During Integrative Study Lounge, your student will learn how to get his/her work done, go through our Power Sessions in order to get it done, and  develop self-awareness and metacognition, which gives them tools for learning and for life.

Executive Functioning Skills Gained by Students:

  • Metacognition/self-awareness
  • Time management
  • Planning
  • Prioritizing
  • Goal Setting
  • Follow through
  • Independence
  • Focus
  • Sustained attention
  • Efficiency

The ISL Difference:

  • Students gain useful life skills
  • Increase independence & accountability
  • Direct targeted instruction in executive functioning skills
  • Increase tools and strategies for efficiency
  • Mindfulness and wellness tips and tools
  • Focused learning
  • Brain boosting snack ideas
  • Short targeted study bursts for focus & productivity

Meet Your ISL Specialists:


Michelle developed the Integrative Study Lounge (ISL) and has been teaching it with Daisy at a local private school. Michelle has a Master’s Degree in Special Education/Educational Therapy, is a Board Certified Educational Therapist, Clinical Nutritionist and certified yoga instructor. She believes all students have access to learning but need to learn self-awareness in order to know if they are ready to learn, or in their optimal learning range. Getting work done is not as easy as sitting down and doing it. The information and process of the ISL work for all ages, including adults, and ultimately teaches students strategies and tools for learning and life.

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