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Thank You!

IET thanks everyone who came out to our open house on Wednesday. The support was overwhelming! An extra special thanks to Owen for letting us all try out the fantastic detoxifying Biomat, Rachel of Bella Terra Foods for her beautiful and delicious almond butter snacks, and Ruben, our amazing smoothie maker....
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IET OPEN HOUSE Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 12pm-2pm We are having an open house for you to come by, try an experience on a Biomat, a mat made of infrared technology, negative ions, and 26 pounds of amethyst crystal, and have a healthy snack. Bella Terra Foods will be there...
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How Do You Get Motivated?

What do you do when you have to get something done, but you just don’t want to do it? We asked our students, and here were their responses… “I say something positive to myself like, ‘I can do it.’ ” “If I don’t want to do it because it’s hard, I...
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Motivation Type? By Julie Shullo

What gets your student motivated? Motivation to begin an activity or assignment that you’re not interested in can be difficult. Parents often feel that their student just doesn’t care about her grades or only seems to be motivated by earning money or a game. Motivation is unique to each person,...
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Happy Spring Break!

Most of you are on spring break right now or getting ready for it next week, so have a wonderful, inspiring, adventurous and/or relaxing break. However you decide to spend your break, do it mindfully. 🙂 Once you are all back by April 17, we will resume our email blasts...
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